If you are planning to travel to New York, make an effort to visit this fascinating and historically rich landmark of the city. Build in 1905 and named after one of the most famous historians, the Columbus circle gives you one more reason to visit New York. This large traffic circle is located at intersection of Broadway, the Central Park South and Eight Avenue and at the center of this circle is the monument of Christopher Columbus the famous Italian navigator, explorer and colonizer. From this point, you can easily view the best architectural designs in New York including all the modern skyscrapers and it is also the point where all distances the city can be measured.

The Columbus circle in New York City was first designed by William Eno with the main purpose of easing traffic and improving road safety in the city. However, Frederick Law Olmsted the designer of the largest city parks globally later adopted the circle as the main entrance to this amazing park. Today, the circle today plays a bigger role than entry to Central park. Apart from being a Host to many diversions, the circle serves as the optical departure point to the city’s museums, venues for live music and performing arts, parks among others.


The Columbus circle is literally the heartbeat of New York as its neighborhood has the most amazing buildings in the city. To the west of the circle is the Time Werner Center which among other things hosts the studio’s of CNN. To the opposite of Times Werner Center is the Maine monument which is another landmark feature in the city. The Maine monument was constructed in 1901 as a commemoration of the sailors who perished when Maine exploded in 1898 in the Havana harbor, Cuba. To the north is the Trump International Hotel and Tower which hosts the headquarters of Gulf+ Western and then the entrance to the Central park on the northeast.

Here’s a virtual tour of the Columbus Circle:

The circle was renovated in 2005 to give it a fresh and more attractive look to visitors. During the renovation more amenities like benches, paintings and fountains were added to the circle. Thus, if you are planning to tour New York, include the Columbus circle among your things to do.