Which Has the Better Local Brews – London or NYC?

beer-1482748_640If you’re interested in beers, then sampling the local brews on offer at common tourist destinations is a great idea. Most towns and cities will have local brews, but some places have stronger microbrewery traditions than others.

Interestingly enough, both London and NYC have good microbrewery scenes. You will find no shortage of microbreweries to visit in those places, and you’ll also find plenty of establishments selling craft beers from not just London but other cities in the UK. If you’re in London, then it’s well worth visiting the Craft Beer Company bar. There are bars from this company all over the city, but the Faringdon branch is the ‘original’ one, and as such the flagship. It has a lot to offer to craft beer lovers. London is a great place to visit if you want to try simple but satisfying real ales, because there is a strong tradition of those in the city.

In NYC, there are a lot of breweries to choose from too. The Bronx Brewery is perhaps the best known, but other popular places to visit include the Bridge and Tunnel Company and the Chelsea Brewing Company.


Craft brewing is a relatively new thing in NYC compared to in London, and the breweries are just starting to experiment with bold and rich tastes and new and exciting flavors. You’ll find everything from easy drinking beverages to sour, spicy, or fruity beers so there’s no shortage of drinks to enjoy.

It’s hard to beat the experience of trying real ales and fruity custom brews, fresh from the brewery – and picking up some bottles to take home too. If you’ve never tried real ale before, why not give it a go, straight from the source? We think you’ll love it. Please as always drink responsibly and if you think you may have a problem, consider talking to your healthcare provider.